PCDSI is motivated to provide you with homes that are green, truly affordable and secure with advanced protection for today's times. Our homes are resistant to mold, mildew, water, fires, termites, insects, pests, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  Each can be outfitted with our solar panels, LED lighting, LiFi technology and Net-Zero energy.  They contain sustainable materials that will help you save money and go green. You can tell us about the design of your dream home and where you would like it to be built and we will "Make Your Dream Home Come to Life!"


Power Community Development Systems, Inc. (PCDSI), since 2017 has focused on “Bridging the Wealth Gap” through connecting people, affordable green home ownership, breakthrough smart technology, accelerated entrepreneurship and financial power. We provide a full service 360 degrees turn-key global community outreach. We are leading the way with a total solutions sales and marketing support team for the introduction and roll-out of sustainable, revolutionary, breakthrough, disruptive products to marketplace. 


Our Vision

To Create Economic Wealth (equity capital) through accelerated entrepreneurship (buying & selling) – Applying American Sustainable Technology in Global Trade and Commerce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote free enterprise wholistic, accelerated, entrepreneurial, ownership and lead the way in powering peak purpose communities with green, sustainable, ecofficient revitalization and job creation for everyone.

Our Movement

Our movement is correcting the contradictions (solving the 10 problems), bridging the wealth gap and creating mega entrepreneurship job opportunities.


Executive Team

We are a team of "spirited entrepreneurs," seasoned leaders in our respective fields, united by the same passion "to be the change we wish to see in the world." Our executive board, power team members, partners, advisors, and community members are together a formidable force in Silicon Valley rebuilding, creating jobs and powering our people and communities with purpose locally, nationally and globally.

  • John C. Shaw

    CEO & President

  • Glenda Chambliss

    Chief Operations Officer & Vice President

  • Rose March

    Chief Accounting Officer


  • Mohan Mahal

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dr. Jeffrey B. Hubbard

    Global Business Developer Director

  • Anna Lee

    Executive Director - San Jose, CA

  • Gladys Grigsby

    Executive Director - San Jose, CA

  • Chukwuemeka Livinus

    Executive Director - UK

  • Anee Lategano

    Executive Director - Malaysia

  • Susana Cruz Galicia Rapido

    Executive Director - Solano

  • Luis Flores

    Executive Director - Contra Costa

  • Juanita Polonski

    Executive Director - San Francisco

  • Curtis Peterson

    Executive Director - Los Angeles

  • Kurt Medina

    Executive Director - New Mexico

  • Noble Buchannon

    Executive Director - San Diego

  • Nancy Hanson

    Executive Director - San Antonio

  • El Princess Taylor

    Executive Director - Sacramento

  • Miles Weaver

    Executive Director - Michigan

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John C. Shaw

CEO & President


(408) 533-3263

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