Solving the Problems

Affordable Housing

Everyday, bills continue rising, causing people to face financial struggles. When it becomes too difficult for people to afford their homes, they struggle to afford other things, such as helping their children pay for tuition, upgrading their homes, or moving into their true dream home. When costs for homes become too high, many become homeless and are forced to live the rest of their life, without ever living in the home they wished for. PCDSI has found a solution to provide hope for those that struggle financially: green, sustainable homes. Our company is working to connect people to a community of people with a vision to make dream homes come to life. Our company will hear your stories and ideas for your dream home. After that, we will guide you in our process to help you have a green home that is guaranteed to help you decrease energy bills each month. These bills will be reduced, because our green materials are sustainable and cost less to manufacture and process, compared to traditional building materials that aren't eco friendly.

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Bridging the Wealth Gap

In many companies, the CEO of the company usually earns the largest amount of income and a majority of the credit for the successes of a business. While certain people have financial power, many others face challenges in their jobs. As they work long hours, they continue struggling to make enough money to pay bills and have failed to receive enough recognition for their work. In addition, there has been a lack of diversity in work places, causing the needs of the people to not come first. Workers have experienced discrimination based on skin color, race, gender, religion, and working class. This type of discrimination is unacceptable and continues creating this wealth gap. PCDSI has found solutions to bridge this wealth gap, by increasing diversity and entrepreneurship opportunities.

At PCDSI, everyone has an opportunity to earn income, and receive appreciation for help with any of our projects. The leaders do not hold a majority of the power, because the voices of the people come first. Our Executive Board Members and Power Group all work together as one united team to make our company possible. There are four power teams that make up one power group: Media & Technology, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Administration and Operations. With these four areas, we are able to work with people that have different backgrounds, talents, skills and knowledge in various fields of studies. The diversity of our community is what helps us reach our goals. To learn more about our power teams, visit our Power Group page.

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  • Member

    • Amount: $1,000 - $100,000 = 10% of Gross

  • Any Sale Transaction

    • Silver - Gold - Platinum = 30% of Net Profit (NP)

  • Total Distribution: 100%

    • Direct Sales -30% N​P

    • Power Teams - 25% NP

    • Corporation - 25% NP

A New Future with Green Technology

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