Smart Technology

LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting consists of light bulbs that produce energy as an electrical current is passed through it. These lights are about 80% more energy efficient than traditional lights such as fluorescent light bulbs. They are capable of using much brighter lighting and lasting for about 100,000 hours without overheating. A longer life span allows LEDS to decrease the amount of resources that factories will need to produce more light bulbs. This helps to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are clean and sustainable energy sources that will convert energy from the sun's rays to help power electricity within homes. This type of energy is renewable and can be used for heating water, air conditioning and cooking. It does not cause any environmental effects. It is a beneficial method for reducing pollution and saving thousands of dollars.

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With the power of a lamp driver, LED lamp and a photo detector, Lifi will help improve the way energy is connected throughout your home. LiFi is 100x faster than regular WiFi connections. This will allow your internet connections to become more faster, efficient and green.


LiFi VS WiFi