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Introduction to PCDSI Green Homes:  


Green, Zero-Energy Ready Homes


Power Community Development Systems, Inc. (PCDSI) core product is providing green, sustainable, zero-energy ready homes that are truly sensible locally, nationally, and internationally. We make it possible for people and communities to own vs. renting.


PCDSI is an authorized solutions partner, distributor and builder of ResCom® BP advanced, revolutionary envelope paneling system. Our industry certified building products consist of CMC (Cellulous Magnesia Cement) which has the highest purity grade performance magnesium oxide boards.  ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) Building Products are an exclusively new patented and innovative material that is revolutionizing residential and commercial building sectors around the world with award winning projects completed in America, Australia, New Zealand and thousands of projects finished throughout over twenty countries.

ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) boards are combined with either structural insulated panels (SIPS) or structural insulated sheathing (SIS). It consists of a solid core of high-pressured expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane foam that is sandwiched between two disaster and impact resilient ResCom® CMC boards. The proprietary patented ResCom® CMC boards, along with a patented bonding technology process, create superior buildings that are super strong, save energy, resist the elements, save the earth, cleaner air, healthier for you and the environment and go up much faster than other building methods. ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) products can be used for multiple purposes; exterior framing, interior walls, cabinets, floors, ceilings, roofs and more for a total building solution.

ResCom® (CMC) BP pioneered, high-performance, non-combustible and non-toxic products have been engineered and evolved to deliver to our communities healthier, safer and stronger buildings that can withstand the increasing threats of extreme environmental events. Your home or commercial building will be thermal resilient to mold, mildew, water, termites, insects, pests, wild fires, winds, impact, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) products have been extensively tested and registered in America to have environmental quality (EQ ) Credit. You can make your “dream home come to life” because it will be “built to perfection.”


ResCom® (CMC) BP is in its own stratosphere when it comes to super-insulated, highly-durable panelized advanced building products. They are quantum years ahead of conventional building materials. The properties of the proprietary patented formulation and compounds, along with the proper curing process attributes to the strength and performances of ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) building products that well exceed the gold standard. This new-age multi-purpose product has significant advantages over alternative building methods; wood, drywall, OSB, CMU, ICF, FC, standard SIP, standard MgO, steel framing, etc. 


ResCom® (CMC) BP advanced building materials are load-bearing and can build up to any number of stories high. It uses 80% recyclable materials and it is 100% biodegradable. We love our planet and strongly support clean energy. This sophisticated, disruptive building technology home or commercial building will last for greater than 100 years. ResCom® (CMC) BP integrated, state-of-art, total envelope panelized building system is much needed for today’s sensible housing and commercial green, sustainable building markets in the face of global change.

Green, Zero-Energy Ready Homes

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Amazing Rescom® BP Panelized Building System