4 TKO Teams = 1 Power Group

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Everyone's voice matters! This is why we have 1 power group that contains 4 power teams working together: media/technology, sales/marketing, finance/administration and operations. For each team, directors and members have roles and responsibilities that allow everyone to perform different functions and help each other. Directors guide their teammates, while they are assigned tasks and guided by the Executive Director. Team members have skills such as organizing, planning, problem solving, communication and execution. These 5 skills are key factors that help members work and contribute as 1 power group. With teamwork, our company will continue to grow and take steps to the pathway of success. 

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Media & Technology

We are the group that focuses on technology development, design, research, creativity and using media to spread awareness of our company. We use flyers, graphic design, our company's social media and other forms of media to help advertise for our company and educate people about it. With creativity and computer skills, we will help reach out to people that may be interested in buying a new home or joining our team. Our mission is to help spread awareness of how our company is working to help provide people with homes that will help them save money, conserve energy and be secure in a strong home.

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Sales & Marketing

We are the group that focuses on content creation, investment recruiting and communication. We must first help you answer this question: Why should you buy a home from PCDSI? In order for this question to be answered, we must think about how we will produce content to convey our message and teach you about why you would benefit from buying our homes. Communication is key. As we communicate with you, we will focus on producing content that will help us teach you about why you should buy our homes. Our mission is to help sell homes that will help people struggling 

financially to be provided with a home they can afford. 

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Finance & Administration

We are the group that focuses on finance, cost accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting and contact/audit (economic development). After you tell us about your dream home, we will help to keep track of our budget and construction costs. We will make sure that there is enough money to help build your dream home come to life with our key benefits. As we communicate with you, we focus on how our sustainable materials will help you save money, reduce energy bills and live in a home that you will be able to afford. Our mission is to help spread awareness of how our company will help you save money on construction costs, bills and sustainable materials for their home if you choose to buy a green home from us.



We are the group that focuses on program development, purchasing, assets/cost accounting, inventory, distribution, operation and facility management. We manage the costs, resources and plans we will need to produce our homes. Also, we manage the amount of materials required for each of our homes. We educate people about our equipment and sustainable materials that will be used in our homes.


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