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Conventional Building - Disadvantages


Wood & Labor Cost

Higher Energy Cost

Destroyed by 

Termites, Vermins, etc.

Demolished in a Disaster

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Rescom® (CMC) Building Products - Advantages

Strong, Endurance

Ecofficient, Advanced Technology

Disaster Resisilient

Green, Sustainable

ResCom®  BP Cellulous Magnesia Cement Products
Technical Spotlight

1.  How and where are ResCom® BP Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) used?


A leading provider of integrated, green, sustainable, ecofficient, advanced panelized envelope building systems which are manufactured for residential, mult-plex, commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural construction projects. ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) products can be used for multiple purposes; exterior framing, interior walls, cabinets, floors, ceilings, roofs and more for a complete building solution. Our ingenious, panelized total solution system is flexible and adaptable to any building style and design elevation  ranging from tiny homes to mansions and from truly affordable and modest to high-end luxury elite. If you can dream it; we can build it!


2. Panel dimensions and R-Values can meet wind loads up to 200 mph


Every ResCom® (CMC) Building Product project is a unique opportunity to decrease build time and lower building operational and maintenance costs while providing a superior, stronger, safer, quieter structure, that is ecologically responsible. Our advanced panel dimensions can vary based on project requirements; 4x8 to 4x9 or others. Our panels, insulation R-Value varies and can go up to 59. It is adaptable based on building structure and local or government requirements. Essentially, since project application and structural load requirements often dictate the size and type of panels needed, our standard policy is to provide quotations from architectural drawings. In all cases, we adapt plans to our cutting-edge paneling system in order to maximize the benefits of ResCom® (CMC) BP to the building purpose and zone requirements. We will be happy to give you a quotation for your set of drawings. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


3.  Product components  and processes


The ResCom® BP Cellulous Magnesia Cement product is used for single and multi-family dwellings, commercial construction projects, as well as industrial and institutional applications.


ResCom® BP integrated, high-performance panels feature a patented bonding process using composite technology consisting of structural grade steel frames with rigid, fire retarding EPS or polyurethane sandwich between two ResCom® BP Cellulous Magnesia Cement boards and bonded to the steel studs. This process produces a pre-fabricated, super-strong panel that provides structural & thermal framing, insulation and vapor barrier in one unit.


ResCom® BP advanced panels installation begins with the installation of the bottom track along the perimeter of the foundation floor. The color coded panels are then placed in the track and screwed in place and together along the leading edge of steel frames. Once the panels are in place a connecting track is installed along the top of the panels. Various top panels available based on the number of floors, local, county, state, or country zoning requirements. This forms a quick assembling advanced envelope building system that is user-friendly and extremely strong. Because the studs are oriented to the face of the panel and the male and female panels tongue-in-groove joints are used at the edges, the system has a complete thermal break, providing superior thermal performance. Rough openings for doors and windows are formed during the manufacturing process. The SIP panels utilize wiring chases and the SIS panels wiring run through stud cavity to accommodate electrical wiring and other conduits. Additional chases for electrical and plumbing can be easily performed in the field with a hot knife or other resource tools.


Multi-story - The ResCom® Building Products can support multi-story loads. They can also be used in high-rise buildings or as infill or curtain wall applications. The top connector is used for building up or down additional floor levels.


Panels - The extreme panels consist of EPS or polyurethane sandwich between two ResCom® BP Cellulous Magnesia Cement boards and bonded to the steel studs. The fire retarded panels are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Note: Standard 4 x 8 feet x 5 inches (1219 x 2438 x 127mm) panel. Studs 24-12 gauge with standard G-60 or G-90 galvanized steel. They are positioned at either 16 inches (406mm) or 24 inches (609 mm) on center on both sides of the panel.


Cladding - Facings are not required until after panels are in place on site. Assemblies are also available with one-hour or two-hour rating. Exteriors may be showcase with any type of approved siding.


Facings and Foam - EPS and Polyurethane densities vary based on requirements.. Interior walls can be covered with a minimum of ½" inch (13mm) cladding. Assemblies have two-hour fire rating. Exteriors may be clad with any type of siding, no sheathing required.


Panel Connection System - Panels interlock with tongue-in-groove joints and self-tapping tech screws. The preferred method is to use metal track for the top and bottom plate. Plates are attached to the panel with 3.0 x 5.0 inches (76 x 127 mm) galvanized shear plates at each stud. Shiplap joints and sheet metal screws allow quick and easy panel connection.

Wiring - SIP panels utilize wiring chases and SIS panels wiring run through stud cavity.


4. Colors, finishes and coverings


All ResCom® BP panels clad can be either stucco, brick, stone, even wood or virtually any other finishing as you so choose.  And any color final staining can be chosen from our product mix.


5. Advantages, benefits and limitations


Fully tested and patented ResCom® Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) Building Products are an exclusively new patented and innovative material that is revolutionizing residential and commercial building sectors around the world with award winning projects completed in America, Australia, New Zealand and thousands of projects finished throughout over twenty countries. Resists seismic activity, hurricane & tornado wind loads, water, wildfires, termite and others pests resistant, Class 5 FEMA rated, ASTM, ISO, IECC certified. Projects finish faster at a lower costs. Quality is easier to maintain and inspect. Clean up is a cinch and further lowers cost. The advanced  envelope panelized system  is made of 80% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.


6. Installation, technical details, training and post-build appreciation.


We provide a training session for those using ResCom® (CMC) BP innovative paneling building system for the first time. Additionally, our specialized engineers can train on-site for your first build. Essentially, this easy, user-friendly, color-coded, Lego-like panelized building products contributes to lower total cost because local community labor can be used, the building time is significantly shortened, and there is literally no waste of materials on-site. In turn, providing you with even greater savings from clean-up expense. Notwithstanding, unattractive environmental hazardous materials from conventional builds causing safety concerns and higher insurance cost. Intrinsically, the completion of a ResCom® BP build translates to a higher ROI and immediate appreciation value on your property and the ability to receive green, sustainable, community development program credits.

7. Our 360 degrees Turn-Key Total Solutions Program

PCDSI provides a total solutions approach. We embrace and achieve Sustainable Communities Development Program (SCDP). We passionately meet the wholistic needs of our clients. And we aim to power peak-purpose communities for the now and future! 

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Solving Conventional
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Converting to ResCom® BP Cellulous Magnesia Cement (CMC) is no

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History of EPS Uses

PCDSI uses our business family
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Extreme Performance ResCom® (CMC) Boards
  • Purest High-Grade MgO Quality
  • Steel Studs 
  • SIPS
  • SIS
  • Total Solutions
  • ISO 17065
  • NAMI QUA2140
  • Liability Insured

ResCom® BP pioneered, hi-tech, eco-efficient building product is resilient to:

  • Mold, mildew, water

  • Termites, insects, pests

  • Fires, impact, winds

  • Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

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